Magical Journeys Series

Magical Journeys Series

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Good News Comes in Small Packages.

I spent the day yesterday formatting my book for an e-book and no sooner had I finished i put it up on and now it is available for purchase on that site and someone has already bought a copy of it. Also while I was formatting it I made a quick decision that I will also make it available as a hard cover at

Here are the links:
Smash words

I also set up an author webpage for my fans to keep informed about my books and it has a one chapter preview of the Dark Realm!
Check it out

Now comes the daunting task of promoting the book. And don`t worry, I am still hard at work on t he Air Realm, I have almost completed chapter 5.

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  1. Great layout for your blog. I will IM you with a couple of blogs to read to get ideas on how to promote.

    I love you!